What does a plan manager do?

For people who experience disability, having an NDIS plan can drastically improve their quality of life. But, the day-to-day management of an NDIS plan can be a stressful process.

That’s where a plan manager can help –– a good plan manager will take care of all your admin so you don’t have to. They’ll also be there to support you when you have questions or concerns.

We’ve put together this guide to help you understand exactly what a plan manager does and how you (or your participant) might benefit from using one.

What is the benefit of using a plan manager?

Participants often find the process of managing their own plans simply too stressful. With a broad range of funding buckets, various providers to pay, and NDIA rules to navigate, it can be a lot for someone to manage without professional guidance.

It can be tricky to know what you can and can’t claim under NDIS funds, whether you’re eligible for certain supports, and the amount of funding you have left –– especially in different categories.

A plan manager can take the stress and confusion out of having an NDIS plan. The right manager can help you keep track of budgeting so that you don’t over or underspend. They can help you navigate the NDIS and answer questions you have. And they can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your plan –– all so you can better reach your goals.

So, what exactly does a plan manager do?

Plan managers have a range of vital tasks –– much more than just doing a participant’s admin.

At myAutonomy, for example, we’re focused on providing personalised care to help all of our participants thrive.

Here are just some of the tasks we do for participants:

  • We work with providers to pay their invoices in a timely way. This saves participants (or their families) the hassle of paying invoices themselves.
  • We keep track of budgeting and can tell you at any time how many funds you have left in each category.
  • We help participants make the most of their funding by staying curious about how a support can link to a goal in the plan.
  • We answer questions about and provide clarity on NDIS changes, rules, and regulations.
  • We help you gain access to Assistive Technology and other products if you’re eligible.

What sets myAutonomy apart?

At myAutonomy, we provide participants with the confidence to know they’re making the most of their plans and working towards their goals.

To deliver the best possible service we focus on three key areas:

  • Compassion: we work flexibly to consider individual needs to get the best possible result.
  • Curiosity: we remain curious and seek to understand how supports can relate to a person’s disability.
  • Clarity: we’re focused on attention to detail to provide true clarity.

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